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Resources for learning internet marketing, earning money from home, shopping, and online promotion.

Bruce Obermeyer    "Welcome", and thank you for visiting TR Associates, your home for services, online promotion, and resources to help you succeed in earning money from home or through your online or offline business. Use the links on the right to navigate our site. Feel free to contact us with questions or feedback. Click on my photo to visit my Veterans memorial webpage, "The Promise Kept."


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Bruce Obermeyer holds an undergraduate degree in physics, a Masters in Business Administration, an Airline Transport Pilot License, and has worked in the field of aerospace safety for nearly forty years. He operates an online business focusing on marketing and promotion, revenue generating businesses, retail sales, consulting, and training. Click on the photo to visit "The Promise Kept", a website dedicated to the members, family, friends, and loved ones of the 360th, 361st, and 362nd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadrons and to the members, family, friends, and loved ones of the 6994th Security Squadron and all the others who were connected with the EC-47 aircraft during the Vietnam War. The poem was written as a tribute to those we lost. This site was created as a promise kept.

"Little Did We Know"

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Angel Kakes....Cheesecakes & Pastries....

Accepting orders in Wichita, Kansas and surrounding areas! We are sorry that we cannot accept orders that require shipping.

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Where My Camera Portaits Beauty Through My God Given Talent

"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed." ~Ansel Adams
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WANTED: Artists for our inaugural

WANTED: Artists for our inaugural "Song-of-the-Month" Contest!

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    We're excited to announce MYHABIT, a new member of the Amazon family of websites.

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    The Rebuild Your Vision program is a natural vision improvement system that is helping thousands to improve and restore their vision without glasses, contacts, or surgery. I'm a licensed Airline Transport Pilot, and I'm on the program myself!

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    Orlin Sorensen, Commercial Airline Pilot and founder of Rebuild Your Vision

    Orlin Sorensen, Commercial Airline Pilot and founder of Rebuild Your Vision

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    Orlin Sorensen, founder of Rebuild Your Vision and author of the program, wore corrective lenses for years beginning in his teens. Through the use of vision training, he improved his vision from 20/85 to 20/20 and was able to pass the visual acuity test given to U.S. Navy fighter pilots. Men's Health declared this one of the "Greatest Comebacks of All Time."

    Another vision training success story is Capri Smith of Chesterfield, Virginia. She writes, "After just five days of doing the Rebuild Your Vision exercises for 25 minutes each day, the optometrist said that I had gone from myopia (nearsighted) level 8 in my left eye and 5 in the right to 5 and 2, respectively - half of my previous prescription!"

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  • If you run a business that has locations distributed around town, or around the country, Multiprotocol Label Switching, MPLS, can help you make more money as an enterprise. Bold statement? Yes. With MPLS you can tie all of your locations together, eliminate carrier hardware in your telecom closet, and prioritize all of your data traffic so that voice and video run flawlessly - even when the network is at its busiest.

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    Multiprotocol Label Switching

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    Novelty Golf Balls Now Available From golfballs.com!
    Novelty Golf Balls Now Available From golfballs.com!
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