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The Complete Site Build It! Reference Center.... It's Not About Web Hosting. Not anymore. It's About Success.

  • The Complete Site Build It! Reference Center.... It's Not About Web Hosting. Not anymore. It's About Success.

  • For information on how proper communication and "Preselling" can build your business, visit...Make Your Content PREsell! (MYCPS!) and download a free copy of the e-book.

  • Do you have a small business (1-10 employees), that is largely offline? Are your clientele mostly local? To Learn how the World Wide Web can help your Local Business which has Local Clients, visit...Help My Local Business!...you might even reconsider how you do your advertising...

  • Before you send that "Killer Ad" or "Newsletter", make sure it will reach the recipient's inbox and not be Deleted or filtered into the SPAM bucket. Click Here for A Free SPAM Check. SPAM Check is a standard feature integrated into the MailOut module of Site Build It! (SBI!) -- the unique, all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product. SBI! makes it easy for you to build a professional, popular, and profitable business with no worries about false SPAM accusations.

  • Are you considering "Affiliate Marketing", where you provide traffic to products or services offered by merchants who are willing to share profits with you for providing them with customers? What does affiliate success boil down to? Let us help you start... at the beginning! Learn how to overcome THE number #1 challenge for all affiliates.

    ...If you would like a time tested Affiliate Program, I recommend THIS one....

  • P.S. - What if you found a complete, fully automatic system that literally earns you $50-$200 or more each and every day after you complete just 3 simple steps that'll take less than 15 minutes to do? HERE it is.

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  • Download and Enjoy this token of our appreciation for visiting us. It runs in Windows and translates vanity phone numbers. Simply type in letters, and the corresponding phone number will be displayed. Extract the "Readme" and the What800 executable file and put them in a folder of your choice. Winzip(c) has a "Checkout" function that will create a folder and place a shortcut in your Start menu if you wish, but the program is standalone and does not require any other files, so you can put it anywhere you please...(contains no spyware or adware or tracking codes of any kind...just my gift to you.)

    What800 version 2.0

2 minutes can save you months of frustration and crashes.

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...America's first and largest babysitter network?

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Want to Sell More on the Net?...
Change the Process to Change the Results!

Webmasters Business Course

Want to sell more on the Net? Write better. The power is in your words!

Unfortunately, at least 98% of small business sites start "at the end"... the sale. Great Netwriting is actually far, far more than writing great sales copy.

Before you write to sell, take an order, clear a credit card and ship a product...

You need traffic. PREsold traffic.

And sales copy does not do that. Learn the two kinds of Netwriting you MUST master to succeed.....More Information....

The "Business Side" of Webmastering...
Success Requires More Than Creativity

Webmasters Business Course

Thinking about hanging out your shingle and bringing in the customers in busloads? Do you have an online "presence", or are you working from a "brick and mortar" store? It's time to "go online", but how do you get started? Doesn't it cost a lot of money to build an online website? Why not consider earning revenue while you create your own site? Is there any money to be made as an independent Webmaster? The timing is right. More and more small business owners are looking for help as they make the move to online promotion. Most do not have the time or skills to build their own site. As a result, they are actively seeking affordable Webmasters. Just the fact that you offer the service could rank your existing business higher in search engines, and it could certainly save you money as you create or expand your own website. Let us help you get started.....More Information....

Price Your Product for Maximal Profits

Webmasters Business Course

How do you know if you have chosen
the perfect price for your product or service?

Pricing is risky for any business, but it's even more so for the online small business owner. Your anxious-to-please competitor is only a click away...

Are you leaving money on the table?

Or, even worse, is your price turning away potential customers? Let us help you make YOUR Price Sell.....More Information....

Leverage Your Income...
Sell Your Service Online!

Webmasters Business Course

In order to effectively sell your services online, you must have a Web site that...

  • introduces you as the expert, and builds your credibility with your visitor.

  • effectively targets various appropriate keyword phrases to ensure that the people who need your service find your Web site.

  • "GIVES before TAKING" -- provides the visitor with some free valuable information (i.e., solid content) on your site, and/or in your free opt-in e-zine. Actually, when it comes to selling a service, a top-notch e-zine is invaluable for building a positive relationship with clients (whether they are potential or new or repeat clients).
There is an endless labyrinth of possible software and information/advice offered on the Net. I'm not sure which is worse... the overpriced products that underdeliver, or all the free info available, most of which does not work so it costs you something more valuable even than money... your time.

Wouldn't it be great if the single best approach, explained in detail, was also free?! Let us help you get started on the road to improved service.....More Information....

Best Work-At-Home Solution, Mom

Webmasters Business Course

You are in constant motion as a stay-at-home mom... loving, nurturing, helping, guiding, playing, comforting, organizing, mediating, laughing, managing, healing, giving. Family comes first and you are loving it!

There is no other place that you would rather be than with your kids. But, at the same time, you would also like/need to contribute financially to the family.

So... if you stay at home, why not Work At Home, Mom (WAHM)? Let us help you get started.....More Information....

A Profitable E-Biz...
It's As Close As Your Basement, Attic or Closet!

My Net Auctions Course

Is there such a thing as a dream business?

What would you think if someone asked you these questions…

  • Do you want to have fun making money by pursuing ideas that excite you?

  • Are you looking to start a great home-based business, with no capital investment and no risk?

  • Want the option of part-time, or full-time, or growing gradually at whatever speed you choose? Even build your business to the point where it pays for your retirement?

  • Or even build your business during your retirement?

  • Or how about something that will clear out the attic, basement or closet while you're at it?

Let us help you get started.....More Information....

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