The Promise Kept

Bruce at Ubon, 1973

Bruce Obermeyer at Ubon, Thailand, 1973
Isaiah 40:31

Their son was only two weeks old; their daughter's years were three
When duty called, this pilot to the war across the sea.
"Let's just pretend you're only going on a business trip.
Each day we'll write about the things we've done and then we'll slip
a note into an envelope and put it in the mail.
You send me yours; I'll send you mine, I promise, without fail."
He walked away with pounding heart while fighting back the tears
with "Come home soon, I love you Daddy" ringing in his ears.
They kept that promise, sealed with love some 40 years ago.
They sent him tapes and pictures so that he could watch them grow.
They're married now with children of their own who, at "The Wall",
ask "Was my Grandpa brave?" and Grandma says, "Bravest of all."

Copyright 2001 by Bruce Obermeyer. All rights reserved.

May God Bless You,
With Respects, I am

Bruce Obermeyer, former Captain, USAF
360th, 361st, 362nd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadrons, EC-47s
Vietnam veteran

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The Promise Kept

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which chronicle the experiences we had flying the EC-47 in Southeast Asia.

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362nd TEWS, Pleiku - Da Nang

"This poem was written in dedication to the many veterans of combat who return to peaceful places but bring the battleground home with them in the deepest recesses of their minds and spirits, to be relived in flashbacks as part of a post trauma syndrome. It was written after a vet Curly was working with came to a counseling session covered in road stains. He had crawled under his truck in the midst of a flashback triggered by a moist, evening wind through the palm trees."


Curly Musgrave - Father To Father CD

Critics and colleagues had dubbed Curly, " of the best voices to come down the trail in a long, long time"...."one of the most innovative and influential singer/songwriters in Western music"....and Rusty Richards, long time member of the Sons Of The Pioneers, "....perhaps the finest Western writer since Bob Nolan." Unfortunately there will no longer be any more music from my beloved husband. Curly Jim passed away from a cancerous brain tumor on December 13, 2009, but HIS MUSIC CAN LIVE ON! This CD "Father to Father" is a compilation of all of Curly's inspirational songs. The title song "Father to Father" is a song of gratitude to our Heavenly Father and His gift of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Curly always said, "....I just held the pen and the words came as a gift from my Heavenly Father." Please enjoy this compilation CD of Curly's inspirational songs. -- Kathi Musgrave

Where My Camera Portaits Beauty Through My God Given Talent

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Teach, Test, Succeed

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Text in Vietnamese from stateside Vietnamese publication, but photos need no explanation.
Sender of these photos went on nearly 100 MEDCAPs during three years in-country. Helped a lot of people. Saved an old woman's scalded foot. Saved a young girl's face from insidious fungus infection. Saved a little kid's life when he was burning up from runaway fever. Not once, ever, did a member of any media come along or express any interest in doing so.




"Anh-Du'ng Boi-Tinh
Vo'i Duong-Lie'u"

(You have earned the Legion of Honor Medal in recognition of work well done through your sacrifice and by placing yourself in Harm's Way on our behalf.)

The Vietnam Cross of Gallantry is awarded to all military personnel of all branches who served in-country Vietnam between 1 March 1961 and 28 March 1973 and to U.S. Army Vietnam and its subordinate units for the period 20 July 1965 to 28 March 1973, regardless of DD-214 notation. The Vietnam Cross of Gallantry is the equivalent of the French Croix de Guerre.

The Army of South Vietnam awarded the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry to both individuals and units. When awarded to individuals, it was awarded with Silver Star (the equivalent to the US Army Silver Star) or with Bronze Star (equivalent to the US Bronze Star). Department of the Army General Order for the award is DA GO 43, 1970.

According to the Department of the Army General Order DA GO 8 1974, the Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation with Palm was awarded to Headquarters U. S. Military Assistance Command (MACV) and all its subordinate units during the period 8 FEB 1962 to 28 MAR 1973. All military personnel who were assigned to units serving in-country Vietnam during this period were considered assigned to MACV and its subordinate units, regardless of service or component.

Courtesy of G.D. "Doc" Young, "Medic", May '69, Ashau Valley, 101st Airborne Division
If you qualify for the award and would like information on how to obtain it, please click the image below.

Contributions to this section were made by several former ARVN officers along with other members
of our TEWS and 6994th Security Squadron family
JC Wheeler, Kevin Critzer, Thomas Echols, Rick Kane,
Charlie Millsap, Bill Petrie, and Terry McNeil.


Reunion '99
Reunion Patch

The Calm Before The Storm

Baron Patch DFC Society

                                                                             This is the patch I helped design for our squadron

Final Mission of the EC-47

by Scott Allbee. You may order signed and numbered lithograph prints HERE.

The last flight of the EC-47Q, tail number 43-15204, of the 361st Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron, heralds the end of an era as it prepares for landing at Ubon RTAFB, Thailand, on May 15th, 1974. This was the final U.S. Air Force combat mission for the "Grand Old Lady of the Sky," the C-47, known in this configuration as "The Electric Goon." EC-47s flew long and often unsung electronic intelligence and ARDF missions with the 360th, 361st, and 362nd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadrons and the 6994th Security Squadron from April 15th, 1966, to May 15th, 1974.

From Broomstick Mounts to Rocking Chairs

In retrospect, I must admit, I've lived a life unique;
sat on a Civil War vet's lap, and went to war most bleak.
In baseball I could pitch and catch and hit a long home run;
in football I could "take it home"; in golf made hole in one!

I've helped to put men on the moon, flown past the speed of sound;
I've even helped to engineer the best machines around.
I've watched the world around me change, some changes good, some bad;
been blessed with opportunities so very few have had.

I didn't do the best with each, I squandered most you'd say;
I always thought I'd have the chance to make it up some day.
But some day never seemed to come, or maybe it went by
while I was busy looking down instead of at the sky.

Now, those accomplishments are dust, I'm past my peak it seems;
I don't still have those visions of the future, just daydreams.
I don't regret the way I've lived, I do have one request:
When I'm too old to ride the wind, please face my rocker West.

Copyright 2012 by Bruce Obermeyer. All rights reserved.

Dedicated to the members, family, friends, and loved ones of the 360th, 361st, and 362nd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadrons and to the members, family, friends, and loved ones of the 6994th Security Squadron and all the others who were connected with the EC-47 aircraft during the Vietnam War. The poem was written as a tribute to those we lost. This site was created as a promise kept.

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