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Synopsis of the "National Audit Defense Network" (NADN), Oryan Management, et al, ShopN2000/MallForAll fraud scheme and a plea for help

Perhaps due to remorse over driving thousands to the brink of financial ruin through fraud or the second wave of guilt from the destruction the IRS is now bringing into the lives of hundreds of thousands of its victims, NADN founder, Robert Bennington, was apparently driven to suicide -- June 20, 2004 -- Father's Day, if I remember correctly....(linked article Copyright Las Vegas Review-Journal, By John G. Edwards). Read on to find out why....

Please visit the linked websites listed below for changes, updates, tips and offers to help you as you deal with the IRS and to help you earn revenue to recover from the loss you have suffered as a result of the National Audit Defense Network (NADN) tax scam.

NADN and their partners defrauded and damaged the lives of more than 640,000 clients and defrauded the US Treasury of hundreds of millions of dollars, yet we are all still waiting to hear of a single top executive of NADN or Oryan or their other partners being indicted for a crime.

As you read this synopsis, keep one thought in mind: Tax Returns filed by or on behalf of clients of the NADN tax scam were prepared BY or under the direct guidance of the former IRS "Tax Experts" at NADN, and they were "Guaranteed" in writing to be accurate, correct, legal, and "Audit-Proof". The "Guarantee" included representation BY NADN at any audits. Taxpayers are still legally responsible for their own tax returns, but most people place their trust in Doctors, Lawyers, and other "Experts" in fields where the ordinary person has no expertise and must rely on the expertise of the Specialist. "Experts" created the nightmare through which the victims are now being put a second time by undergoing detailed "take no prisoners" audits by IRS. After 5 and 6 figure back taxes, penalties, and interest are levied, the death blow is then administered by the "Collections" division. The advice the victims have been given by both private sector tax consultants and the IRS is: "You should seek PROFESSIONAL, EXPERT advice"...but isn't that what got us into this position in the first place?

NADN has filed for Bankruptcy liquidation, so the only remedy for victims against NADN was to file a "Proof of Claim" with the court. No one expects to recover a cent from the bankruptcy. To join with us in our Class Action Law Suit against Oryan Management et al and receive updates, click on the email link below. You will receive instructions and be added to our list for notifications.



The FairTax Book

describes an alternate to the current income tax system. Whether you are happy with the current system or would like to see a major overhaul, I recommend that you buy a copy for yourself and buy a copy to send to your Member of Congress and to BOTH of your Senators...and everyone else who doesn't realize that in less than 30 years, under the current system, the entire revenue paid to the government in income taxes will no longer be sufficient to service the interest on the debt.

If you would like to review some of the options you have based on advice received from tax experts to help you decide how to proceed, please read these Tax Return Guidance Options.

For anyone considering deducting any losses associated with NADN or Oryan purchases or other costs, please read the following articles from the IRS.

Misuse of Disabled Access Credits - Virtual Mall Websites - Questions and Answers,,id=106484,00.html.

Misuse of Disabled Access Credits - Virtual Mall Websites,,id=124324,00.html

"...the [Internal Revenue] Service’s position is that this transaction was entered solely for tax purposes."

We respectfully disagree. Such a position presupposes our motives without examining each case. Perhaps during a face-to-face conversation with the auditor handling your case, you might wish to present your counter argument and explain your reasons for investing in the online shopping mall. To prove that I was then and have been ever since vigorously trying to generate revenue through an online retail sales outlet, visit my current Shopping Mall. I have spent a great deal of time building the site and making sure at every step of the way I was in full compliance with all laws. The monetary cost to enter into a contract for merchants to allow me to resell their products is nill since the affiliations with the merchants cost nothing except my time to fill out the applications. If I don't generate any sales through my links, I don't receive any commission, either, so promoting is up to me, and it costs money. One professional website builder made an offer to do a complete makeover of my site. Keep in mind they would be starting with an existing site, domain name is already registered, hosting is not included in their bid, and it was much more than what we paid for a ShopN2000/MallForAll site. The claim by the government that the malls were very much overpriced is not consistent with the bids I received just for a "makeover".

Two cases that have been brought to my attention are worth examining. Keep in mind that NADN offered credentials from former IRS Tax Lawyers, auditors, CPAs, and caseworkers even in their advertising material, leading potential clients to trust in them as bone fide, legitimate tax and financial planning experts based on those credentials. They conducted a very credible national advertising campaign, and they were endorsed by respected business men and women as cited further down the page.

1. One victim was recovering from a bankruptcy discharged in 2000 and had no need for a "tax shelter" -- there was nothing left to shelter. He and his wife felt they needed professional counseling and turned to NADN for expert advice because of the legitimacy of the nationally syndicated radio programs they were sponsoring and through the nationally recognized newspapers and television programs carrying their ads. NADN was endorsed by then-current members of the IRS and listed with the Chamber of Commerce and favorably reported by the Better Business Bureau of Nevada and in "Who's Who" in Nevada. NADN was one of the largest businesses in Nevada. Their founder was a regular member of a panel on Public Television as an expert on IRS issues. NADN offered a complete package including a "guaranteed" substantial revenue stream in the online malls. Believing these were prudent steps to take to protect them from any further disaster, that guarantee along with the "guaranteed in writing audit-proof tax preparation, audit representation, and on-call assistance" convinced them to pay the premium costs for the package deal. Tax returns claiming both the credits and the (now-discredited) 1099s showing profit were submitted for years 2001-2003 and were accepted by the IRS without question, leading these victims to continue believing they were in full compliance with all laws. Once the "problems" began to surface at NADN and with the malls, they made numerous attempts to demand a refund, and they have filed a Proof of Claim form with the NADN bankruptcy proceedings and have joined in the class action lawsuit against Oryan Management.

2. Another victim was trying to raise funds to pay for a liver transplant for her daughter and told NADN of her needs -- she, too, had no need for a "tax shelter"; she desperately needed revenue. They defrauded her anyway. Once the "problems" began to surface at NADN and with the malls, they made numerous attempts to demand a refund, including a trip to NADN headquarters in Las Vegas, and they have filed a Proof of Claim form with the NADN bankruptcy proceedings and have joined in the class action lawsuit against Oryan Management.

I have yet to receive one email or phone call from a single victim stating the reason s/he entered into the contracts with NADN and Oryan Management was to evade paying taxes. I have received thousands saying their intent was to make money with an online business. The "guaranteed legitimate" tax credits and the promise that a portion of the proceeds from sales through the malls would go to the disabled in the zipcode of the mall were just additional incentives, nothing more.

Our request has simply been that the IRS reconsider the blanket position statement and assess each case based on its own merits.

The IRS is disallowing any business deductions and insisting that the losses be shown as "theft" losses rather than a failed business investment resulting from "breach of contract" even though we all had signed contracts. No matter how you plan to write it off, you cannot do so until the year the loss is discovered and the exact amount is determined. Since the NADN bankruptcy and any lawsuit against Oryan may not be settled for some time to come, and the loss would have to be reduced by the amount of any recovery, you will not be able to claim the loss until the year those issues are settled. Casualty and theft losses (Schedule A, line 19) are limited by a $100 threshold per loss event and an overall threshold of 10% of your adjusted gross income. To phrase this another way, your casualty loss is deductible to the extent that it exceeds $100 per loss event, and to the extent that it exceeds 10% of your AGI. Casualty and theft losses are reported and calculated on Form 4684 using Instructions for Form 4684. If you were defrauded of $2495 (the cost of the online mall) and your ajusted gross income is more than $23,950, you will not be able to deduct any of it. Apparently the threshhold for this provision must have been set with total loss due to a major calamity or natural disaster type casualty in mind...perhaps as happens with a hurricane or an earthquake? But FEMA covers that loss, so why was the threshhold set so high?

Here is another link to some IRS info regarding Offer in Compromise for those who may not be able to pay back the full amount due or who believe that extenuating circumstances exist whereby the full amount should not be due. It's worth exploring. Beware of anyone who promises to be able to settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar. They may be able to do that, but just make sure both YOU and THEY understand our situation FULLY.

...and now, the Synopsis of the fraud scheme and a plea for help

Thousands of former clients of the National Audit Defense Network (NADN) now face financial ruin and are seeking help because they mistakenly placed their trust in an organization created by alleged former IRS tax experts.  NADN was once considered the most reputable of all tax counseling companies, receiving favorable endorsement from the Nevada BBB, listed among the "Who's Who" in Nevada, advertising in prestigous publications, and receiving high praise and honors from other trusted national and industry wide organizations.

The following are typical of the praises for NADN and in numerous books written about their advice such as "How to Pay Zero Taxes: Your Guide to Every Tax Break the IRS Allows! by Jeff Schnepper:

'All taxpayers should make themselves aware of every deduction available under the law. This book can be a benefit to us all by explaining how to save thousands of dollars in tax. ' - JoDeane Dykman, Former IRS Chief, Taxpayer Service.

'Having known Robert Bennington, President of NADN, as a dynamic and knowledgeable person, this special edition book, How to Pay Zero Taxes by Jeff A. Schnepper, surely will create raised eyebrows as a blockbuster publication for the benefit of every American citizen. Best of luck NADN!' - Nathan Kline, C. E. O., Jalapa Gas and Chemical Corporation.

'How to Pay Zero Taxes tells the general taxpayer a great story about how to exercise our right to take all the deductions we have coming to us. Guaranteed to teach each and every person something they did not know before!' - Laura Ungaro, Es., Trust Specialist.

'I've spent countless hours searching for a book that esentially 'lays it all out' as far as providing clear-cut, no-nonsense tax assistance. Finally, Robert Bennington and the National Audit Defense Network have aseembled just such a book. Whatever you do, read this book; it could cost you thousands of dollars not to. ' - J. J. Childers, Attorney and Author of The Secret Millionaire series.

...and from the publisher: 'Fully updated to include all the latest tax law changes, How to Pay Zero Taxes outlines the easiest, most practical strategies you can use to lower your taxes this year - next year - and beyond. Hundreds of thousands of savvy taxpayers from all walks of life - business owners, professionals, retirees, homeowners, and parents - have relied on this trusted guide to find every legal tax break. Now you, too, can take advantage of all the deductions and exemptions the IRS doesn't publicize - but allows!

How to Pay Zero Taxes guides you through the ins and outs of every IRS-sanctioned tax-saving strategy available for preserving income. From converting personal expenses into business expenses to obtaining tax credits for dependent care to setting up tax-slashing trusts to avoiding or surviving an IRS audit, Jeff Schnepper's guide comprehensively covers more deductions than any other tax book, all conveniently organized in six fast-access categories: exclusions, credits, 'above the line' deductions, 'below the line' deductions, traditional, and supertax shelters.

Many of NADN and Oryan Management's leaders were active in local and national civic groups, and some had been recognized nationally for their contributions to the community.

Be A Mentor, Touch A Life

Young entrepreneurs forming group to help businesses prosper -- Thursday, June 01, 2000, (Copyright Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Their founder was considered an expert on IRS abuses.

Online NewsHour: IRS under fire -- September 24, 1997 (Copyright 2004 MacNeil/Lehrer Productions. All Rights Reserved)    You can listen to the audio here

Many of their victims were introduced to NADN through an ad on a prominent national radio program and saw their ads in major publications and on television. Unfortunately, besides driving thousands to the brink of financial ruin, NADN has now driven its founder, Robert Bennington, to suicide -- June 20, 2004 -- Father's Day, if I remember correctly....(linked article Copyright Las Vegas Review-Journal, By John G. Edwards.)

~~~~~If you are a tax attorney, CPA, EA, or other tax help provider, consider joining with us and offering your services by contacting me through .~~~~~~

If you are a Victim, please use the "Class Act Legal Cooperative" link at the top of this page or my "Contact Us" form on my website so I can keep those contacting me sorted correctly. My email filter moves messages into the proper folder that way and sends the correct canned initial reply.

As you may now be aware, NADN has been charged with defrauding its clients for several years through various tax schemes and in mid April of 2004 filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first hearing was conducted on July 8, 2004.  Progress is posted on the US Bankruptcy Court, District of Nevada website (link posted below).  NADN had initially filed for Chapter 11 protection in 2003 and continued to operate and defraud clients for another year before being driven to liquidation in 2004 by a $1 million claim against the company by the Securities and Exchange Commission, injunctions from the US Department of Justice (DOJ), suits by the Federal Trade Commission, and complaints filed with the consumer fraud division of the Office of the Nevada Attorney General. I have included a few links and some contact information below to provide you with details. NADN had in its possession thousands of income tax returns for clients, those returns were turned over to the Bankruptcy Trustee, and former clients were given three months to retrieve their own documents in order to be able to file 2003 income tax returns, after which, the documents were to be destroyed. There may have been a plan in place to retain the doucments as evidence to be used in criminal proceedings against officers of NADN, but such a plan has never been made public. Interest and penalties accrue for each day the returns are not filed as well as for amended returns that must be filed for the previous two years. For many of the victims, state and local income tax returns must also be amended, and the "meter" is running.

In Business Las Vegas -- "Tax returns left unfiled at now-defunct NADN" (All contents 1998 - 2004, article By Kevin Rademacher / Staff Writer)

Darcy Dahlem, left, and Cort Christie -- Photo by Craig L. Moran.
In Business Las Vegas -- "Trustee targets tax firm founder" (All contents 1998 - 2005, article By Kevin Rademacher / Staff Writer)

As a result of NADN's dishonesty, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people were defrauded of thousands of dollars each and are now subject to large back tax assessments along with substantial penalties and interest. The IRS has made a preliminary ruling that they may not even claim any of the losses as business deductions or losses. Many of them will be ruined financially, and many will be forced into bankruptcy. The former head of NADN, Robert Bennington, committed suicide on June 20th, 2004, and the US Department of Justice has filed injunctions against NADN and Oryan Management, the company NADN used to create and sell online shopping malls allegedly modified to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in order to allow the owners of the malls to claim a credit on their income tax returns. A portion of the proceeds from the malls was supposedly donated to the disabled in the zipcode of the malls.  The concept of ADA compliant online shopping malls was actually legitimate, but, unbeknown to the mall owners, it was never implemented as promised.  Guaranteed "audit-proof" tax preparation and counseling as well as legal representation by NADN during an audit were included in the price of the mall, the offer came from alleged former IRS tax experts and business advisors, so thousands of unsuspecting, honest investors purchased malls.  The uncertainty in the stock market, in the economy in general, and in traditional investments following the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, made this business proposition even more attractive.  Many of the victims reinvested their tax returns into new "modifications" to the malls for up to three consecutive years and only learned by chance from an Internet website that they had been defrauded, even after filing tax returns for the 2003 tax year.  

All of the victims believed they were purchasing an honest and promising business that would generate revenue from commissions on sales through the 260 name brand stores in the malls and from a portion of the money paid by advertisers who placed ads on the mall sites.  Tracking of sales and crediting of commissions was handled through LinkShare corporation, a leading online transactions handling company.  An undetermined number of victims have been officially notified or contacted directly by the US Department of Justice and/or the IRS, these agencies are contending that the entire enterprise was a fraud; thus victims will have to file amended returns for up to three years and repay the $5,000/year ADA tax credit and perhaps other business-related deductions now challenged by the IRS because Oryan failed to make any modifications and the IRS alleges the malls were never legitimate businesses and never ADA compliant.  Since many victims reinvested the tax returns into the "business", that money was also lost through the fraud, and they do not have it.  Besides being defrauded of thousands of dollars and the revenue that money could have returned, they now face back taxes, interest, and penalties which must be paid from whatever money they have available from savings or that they can borrow on their homes or from retirement plans, if any of those assets are available. Depending on how the victims raise the money to repay the back taxes, penalties, and interest, they may incur even more tax liability, and the costs begin to rise exponentially.  Many of the victims have none of those sources available to them, so they will probably be driven into bankruptcy.  This is doubly victimizing honest people who took every precaution reasonably possible to comply with the law during the entire period, and it should be reconsidered. Many of the victims may simply be driven into the status of "uncollectible", and that benefits neither the victims nor the IRS.

A number of victims have joined forces to share information and to seek the only allowed remedy by filing Proof of Claim forms against NADN with the US Bankruptcy court in Las Vegas, but they expect to receive nothing from the liquidation. The first proceeds will go to the IRS, and they will largely consist of the reinvested tax returns the victims paid for products, services, and modifications to the online malls. Thus, the IRS will recover most of the tax refunds from the victims via the NADN bankrutcy and then attempt to collect them again from the victims themselves. Victims are also working with attorneys to determine whether there are grounds for a class action lawsuit against Oryan Management; however, as of July 22, 2004, Oryan Management has issued the following statement to all mall owners:

Dear Mall Owners:

Oryan Management is forced to close. The NADN Bankruptcy Estate owes Oryan $670,000. Oryan has had no revenue since the NADN Bankruptcy. It has burned through all its cash looking for new ways to generate new sales and has failed. Besides the fact that Oryan is a service company, not a sales company, the Internet bad press regarding the DOJ lawsuit, and Oryan?s vendor relationship to NADN have been severe barriers to gaining new sales.

Without compensation, Oryan has kept and Internet shopping malls active. We have paid the hosting fees and continued to develop new enhancements to the mall. The intent was that it would provide you, current mall owners, with additional ways to generate revenue from your business, and provide Oryan with new sales channels. However, we ran out of money before achieving our goal.

All employees have been laid off, with the exception of a few to help close the business. As of July 22, 2004, the servers will be shut down and and will no longer be accessible.

Oryan staff enjoyed the thousands of hours spent on the phone talking with you mall owners interested in running your businesses. We sincerely wish each of you the very best in your future endeavors.

Mall owners will now be forced to file Proof of Claim forms with the bankruptcy court chosen to discharge the Oryan Management bankruptcy, and they expect to recoup nothing from that effort as well.

That leaves open the matters pertaining to the tax problems created by NADN and Oryan Management compounded by the inaction of the IRS for three years. These victims desperately need an advocate for their audits from the IRS. A number of factors are in play, including whether any payments made to purchase or modify the malls should be allowed as business deductions or fraud losses, how to compute back taxes, and whether penalties and interest should be waived for since the victims made every reasonable attempt to seek expert advice and to comply with the law. NADN still has thousands of records of clients whose income tax returns they were preparing at the time they closed their doors, so thousands of people have had to file for extensions with no idea how to determine what their tax bill is for 2003 and without the documents needed to be able to file a return. The Trustee for NADN has worked out an arrangement to return those records to the individual taxpayers, but a $100 fee was charged for the victims to get back their records.

Essentially, the IRS has said victims are now "on your own" to find more "tax experts" to give advice and help prepare amended returns. Victims feel uneasy in choosing experts to help with the amended returns, given that following that kind of advice is EXACTLY how they arrived in this situation in the first place. Victims can't very well simply stop in at the nearest "H&R Block" and ask for the quick service. What assurance do they have that the next "tax experts" they consult will be any more trustworthy or competent than the ones at NADN who have put victims into the present crisis?

My request of you is for any assistance and guidance you can provide, even a list of tax attorneys who might be willing to work with us. We are are seeking advice and counsel we can trust as we try to cooperate with the IRS through these audits.

I hope you will give favorable consideration to this request for assistance. We may become "poster children" for tax reform.

With Regards, and hope for a favorable reply,

Bruce Obermeyer

Below are links and additional information. The following is information I send each time I am contacted by another of NADN's and Oryan's victims.


Here is an overview of the situation and actions you should take. You need to go to the websites listed below and download two forms: the Proof of Claim form to be mailed to the US Bankruptcy court in Las Vegas where the initial NADN bankruptcy hearing was held on July 8, 2004, and the Consumer Fraud complaint form to be mailed to the Nevada Attorney General. You may file a claim against NADN for anything you believe you bought from them that is illegal or worthless or for which you did not receive full value (products, services, hit generators, incorporation of your business, etc.). You had until October 6, 2004, to file your Proof of Claim with the bankruptcy court. Late submissions may be rejected.  The Consumer Fraud complaint against NADN should be mailed to the office of the Attorney General of the state of Nevada as soon as possible.  No cutoff date was published, but if you plan to include it as support data for your Proof of Claim with the bankruptcy court, the October 6, 2004 date would apply.  Addresses are listed below. You might want to send a copy of that form to the bankruptcy court as well just to support your claim against NADN.

This process will have to be repeated for the Oryan Management bankruptcy as soon as official notification of their filing is made public and the information regarding obtaining Proof of Claim forms and the address where the forms should be mailed is known.

The IRS has recently issued a ruling that could affect NADN and Oryan Management victims, or so it seems. This ruling appears to be flawed and applies tax law in a very narrow interpretation -- eBay and would not be considered "legitimate businesses" under this ruling in my view, but I will leave that determination to tax lawyers.

Here is the link to the IRS website notice for "Misuse of Disabled Access Credits":,,id=106472,00.html


Information about US Department of Justice lawsuit can be found at these links:

Here is the DOJ letter:

Email from:

(For those who have already received a similar message, this message differs slightly--we have added a few more names to the list of entities in which we are interest, plus we have asked a few more questions. If you have already responded, please respond again only if you have additional information in response to these additional questions and lines of inquiry).

It has come to our attention that you have submitted a complaint to or about the National Audit Defense Network (NADN), Oryan Management, or TaxReady. We are working on a civil injunction action, brought by the U.S. Department of Justice against a number of defendants including NADN and Oryan.

Information about our lawsuit can be found at these links:

As part of this lawsuit, we are seeking information from customers of NADN, Success Matrix Group, CPR Business Solutions, Oryan Management & Financial Services, and Keyword Gold. We are collecting e-mail information about these entities (some of which are not currently defendants in the injunction lawsuit but may have some connection to the suit) so we can use customers as witnesses in our case. Please note that we cannot assist you in obtaining a refund of funds paid to NADN or to figure out any personal tax issues. You may want to contact the Federal Trade Commission, Nevada Attorney General's Office, and the US Bankruptcy Court for refund issues and either a tax professional or the IRS with your tax questions.

If you are willing to share your experiences with us, please e-mail back to us your name, address, and telephone number, along with any details about your involvement with NADN, Oryan, Success Matrix, CPR Business Solutions, and/or Keyword Gold that you think we should know about. To give you guidance about the type of information that would be most helpful to us, we have listed some questions below. Please answer as many questions as you can in a reply e-mail. We are also interested in receiving from you copies of any documents that you have relating to NADN or Oryan. Please contact us by e-mail, although we have provided our telephone numbers in case any difficulties arise.


Evan J. Davis & Phyllis Jo Gervasio
U.S. Department of Justice
Tel: (202) 514-0079
Tel: (202) 514-6539

Our mailing address is:

U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division
P.O. Box 7238
Washington, D.C. 20044


How did you hear about NADN, Oryan Management, Success Matrix Group, Keyword Gold, and/or CPR Business Solutions?

If you were referred to any of these entities by someone else, please state that person's name, address, and phone number, and explain how you know that person.

How and when were you contacted by (or did you contact) any of these entities?

What specifically were you told about the products and services offered by these entities, including about the tax benefits of purchasing the products? Please be as detailed as possible with the specific statements, promises, etc. that were made. Please also include any questions that you asked and the answers given, to the extent you remember.

Which products or services did you purchase, when did you purchase them, and how much did you pay for each?

If you paid in part with a promissory note, please state what you were told regarding how the promissory note would or could be paid off.

Can you recall the names of any of the individuals you spoke with about the products and services of these entities?

Have you been contacted recently or are you still being contacted by any of these entities? If so, please describe the contact(s), providing names of sales persons and dates and subjects discussed.

Has a representative from any of these entities told you anything about the Justice Department lawsuit? If so, please describe.

If you have purchased a MallforAll or Shopn2000 website product, has any representative of any gentility tried to sell you any product or service related to the website? This could include search-engine optimization and/or a "hit generator."

In particular, what if anything did the representative say about these website-related products? Did they make any claims about the IRS or taxes? Did they make any claims about whether the products would make your website more profitable?

If you bought a hit generator or search-engine optimizer, please provide all information about any results seen, including any reports showing increased "hits" received and commissions earned.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please distribute this list of questions to whoever else may be interested.


Phone number for the IRS that the DOJ gave to try and ask them about the 1099-misc received from Oryan or NADN or one of their partner companies. Latest information is they are not to be reported as income, but consult a tax lawyer or the IRS before you file any returns. The phone number for the IRS is 1-866-775-7474

Here are the addresses (and some phone numbers) where the legal forms can be obtained and are to be sent.

There are two issues and two forms to consider. If you wish to file a Consumer Fraud complaint against NADN, fill out the Consumer Complaint form and send it to the Nevada Attorney General at the address below. If you wish to file a Proof of Claim form with the bankruptcy court as a creditor against NADN, use the Proof of Claim (POC) form and send it to the US Bankruptcy Court at the address below.

Download both the Consumer Complaint form and the Bankruptcy Proof of Claim form in a zip file from this URL:

There are several files in the zip file. A few are info files from the bankruptcy court. There are two versions of the Proof of Claim form. The "POC" form is the original that allowed you to select which chapter of the bankruptcy law applied. The Customer Claim form is the one with Chapt 7 and the NADN case number already listed, so that is the one you will want to submit.

The estate has files in over 7,000 square feet of file storage. For those customers of NADN who had their tax returns prepared, or had provided personal documents for any reason to NADN, the estate will return those documents, if requested, until approximately October 31, 2004. At that time, all remaining documents will be destroyed.  The Bankruptcy Court entered an order allowing the estate to return documents and work product to customers of NADN and to charge a handling and shipping fee of $100. The form to request return of documents is included in the zip file.

To file a Consumer Fraud Complaint against NADN, use the Consumer Complaint form in the zip file.

Address to send Consumer Fraud complaint form:
State of Nevada
Office of the Attorney General
Bureau of Consumer Protection
555 E. Washington Avenue, Suite 3900
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
(702) 486-3777

Nevada AG website:
Their site is "under construction", so forms are not available from the links, and that is why I placed the Consumer Fraud complaint form in the zip file.

If you have a claim against National Audit Defense Network (NADN), you can get a Proof of Claim (POC) claim form for the bankruptcy hearing from the court web site - under court info, forms, the form is General Form B10. You need to fill this out and submit it to the court. (I included it in the zip file mentioned above to save you time.)

General Form - B10 - Nevada Proof of Claim

This is the link to the actual form (.pdf) to download and is included in the zip file referenced above:

Send the Proof of Claim form for the NADN bankruptcy to the following address. You might also include a copy of the Consumer Complaint form with the Proof of Claim form you send to the bankruptcy court as support documentation.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
333 Las Vegas Blvd., South
Las Vegas, NV 89101

You will need this info for the form to identify the case:
United States Bankruptcy Court
District of Nevada
Case number: 03-17306

The Court does not accept claims except by old fashion mail. You have 90 days from the first setting of the 341 meeting, which is July 8th, to get your claims into the court. You have more than enough time to submit your claims.

More info about the case is posted on the Bankruptcy court website and updates are posted as changes occur:
...scroll down to NATIONAL AUDIT DEFENSE NETWORK and click on the "click here" for the latest.

The Trustee for NADN is:

William A. Leonard
5030 Pasadina Road
Suite B216
Las Vegas, NV 89118
phone (702) 262-9322


Date: July 8, 2004
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: 333 Las Vegas Blvd South, Jury selection room

A meeting of creditors is scheduled for the date, time and location listed in this Notice. The debtor's representative must be present at the meeting to be questioned under oath by the trustee and by creditors. Creditors are welcome to attend, but are not required to do so. The meeting may be continued and concluded at a later date without further notice.

NADN provided tax return preparation and audit defense services.

A number of tax returns have been completed and many are in the process of completion. The estate will not be releasing those tax returns in the immediate future. Negotiations are ongoing to provide a follow-up entity to complete those tax returns. Please check back regularly for a status on the return of those tax returns.

No support is currently available for audit defense. You are advised to contact a tax attorney to assist you in an ongoing audit.

Please do not contact the Bankruptcy Court, the Office of the United States Trustee, the Clerk's office or the Trustee regarding tax returns or audits.

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