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    Tapestry is a curriculum designed to meet the needs of your whole family:  K-Mom!
    It is all of the following, and more...

    • Organized by a chronological study of the history of the world (including America)
    • An integrated, unit-study approach to Classical Education content
    • A complete humanities program that uses whole books and the Great Books
    • A program that equips you to disciple world-changing apologists for the Christian faith
    • A program that means you really can homeschool through high school
    • Designed for teachers first, so that parents can teach, not just administer, their homeschools

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    Tapestry of Grace:
    K-Mom Education

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    The School Box online Discount Teacher & School Supply Store in Madill, OK
    The School Box online Discount Teacher & School Supply Store in Madill, OK

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