Create Your Own "Fly-In" Ads in Seconds with this FREE Tool

Everyone knows that fly-ins are over 5 times more effective than pop ups.

That's right - five times more effective.

Pop up ads are no longer effective.  Why?  Well, if a pop up blocker doesn't prevent them from being shown, the visitor simply quickly ignores it or shuts it down.

Fly-ins must be acknowledged and 90% of the pop up blockers on the market can't stop them.

Don't know what a Fly-in is?  No problem.  Click here to see one in best with Internet Explorer...

Up until now, you had to be a software wiz to put a fly in on your site (or sign up for a fly in ad service).

This free tool will create customized fly in code for you in seconds.

Download it now for free!
(Windows 95/98/me/XP/NT/2000)